Hey, how nice of you to visit me.

I will tell you a little bit about myself.

Not because it's so fascinating, but because I think it's nice to see who a person  behind a website is.

  My name is Tineke.
I was born on 12-08-1958. So it's a long time ago...
I'm born and raised in Hilversum, the mediacity of Holland
I still live there and I think I always will stay there.

I was a cute little baby......once.

  My parents are both deceased.
They wore both much to young and I still miss them..........
I also have 3 sisters and 1 brother.
  I'm married to my big hunk Eric on 27-06-2003,.
I can't tell you here how much I love him, because there's not enough room on the entirely WorldWideWeb.
We're married in a real castle and we've spend  our honeymoon in Venice.
We both  love Italy.

And then there are the kids.
They are very important too for me...........
Patrick is 35 years old. (sept 22 - 1976)
Manuela is 31 years old and was born on march 22 - 1980
I hardly feel myself older then they are.
Manuela is still married to Hans, but not for long anymore.
Such a shame that people can be such great liars.

Patrick (our son) is married to Valerie.
They have their own shop.



Manuela and Hans had a daughter on March 26th.2006
That means I'm a grandma .....
Our granddaughter has a beautiful name.....Priscilla
It's a beautiful little girl and I'm very proud.
She looks like Manuela when she was a baby.
And I have a grandson...Damian..he was born on May 7th. 2008
He is Priscilla's brother.


Priscilla's Website
In Dutch, but you can look at
the pictures in the Photoalbum

Ramsey and me
Well, and then we have the dogs...
We all love boxers.
We have Ramsey and Kaylee, brother en sister.
They were born in the year 2000
(They died together on Februari 21 - 2011)
Patrick had Romy, the mother off our 2 doggies.
Romy had a brain tumor and died on the end of 2005.
He's having a new boxer now (Rocky).
And Manuela had Dusty en Lady.
These 2 lived with me from the time they ware 7 weeks old, but Manuela was (is) very mad on them, so I gave them to her when she was going to live on her own. The dogs were 6 years old then.
Dusty died on December 31-2007.
Lady died on April 08 - 2008.
Wow, it hurts.... they have a 'new' boxer pup named Dribbel.
He has almost the same age as Damian.

Ramsey and Kaylee


Ramsey and Kaylee
Dusty and Lady

I've got a kitten for my birthday aug 2005
Her name is Terra and she is the sweetest cat from Holland.
She looks like a little cow with all that spots on her.
You can see a little film in the photo album on the site, of her and the dogs.
Ramsey, Kaylee and Terra

Flappie died
  My biggest hobby is Paint Shop Pro and Incredimail.
And my website of course
I spend many, many hours to make this website and now I'm trying to translate it all in English.
In this way I hope to get visitors from other country's and I hope they will write something in my guestbook, so I will know where they are coming from.
I enjoy to work with photo's in PSP and make e-cards off it for the card centre on my site.
Sometimes I make funny pictures from photographs with kids.
My next step is to learn to work with Flash.
So you see, Eric and I are real computer junkies.

We also enjoy visit military air shows.
We both love Italian food and we enjoy sitting on a terrace with a cup of coffee and look at the people that walks by.
I also love gardening and reading (Robin Cook)
I have a collection teddy bears, boxer statues and mills.
Ow, and I love antique stuff.
My biggest pride is an antique Mechelse statue cabinet, really an unique one.
Well, and further I'm just a normal housewife.
I will never bore myself.
In my house not everything is shiny, everybody can see that we are living in this house.
I don't like houses that looks like a showroom.

O yes, also playing darts has a place in our life.
The dart board is hanging in the living room and sometimes we have a little competition with family or friends.

I think I've told you the most important things now..
If you want to know more, just mail me.
But no....you will note get my pin code!